Spider Harp
by David Revoy, France

This picture represent a fantasy musician able to play harp on a spider web. I paint it as a personal piece, and it was a really big and fragile work. I thanks 3Dvf.com and Tdt3D.be users to help me in my WIP.

Idea and Sketch

I often draw a lot of sketch, on computer or on paper. Each idea are precious, and combining them are often a great deal to have original content. Firstly I wanted to draw a girl with a big dragon head up on her shoulder. In drawing the tiles skin of the dragon head from side, I wanted to dispose them in a particular way. That's why I decide to make them around the point of eyes. The pattern finally obtained was like a spider web : immediately I change my original idea to this new theme, changing the low part of neck of the dragon in a tree, and his eyes on a spider.

Digitalise it and first grays

After scan it a first time with a low definition ( 150dpi is enough ) I start to blur all with a Gaussian blur before cut the element with selection tool under Photoshop CS2. I define with this way some layers : a background I fill with a circular gradient and a foreground composed of the "character" layer and the "tree" layer. I paint some part with a dark brush to have a start of interesting "material" to paint on after.

You have a question in mind - Why blur at first ? Cause I want a smooth details, and the scan have a lot of grain and sharp details of pencils stroke.  After blurring make the painting more simplest for my way to paint.

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