Making of Transformer - Death Blow
by Alon Chou, Taiwan Web:


This summer when Transformers hit the big screen, it soon raised up the heat in theaters all over the world. I even went to see the film again particularly for this artwork, in order to get a more vivid feel of the scene, as well as searching for ideas. It is very crucial for a creator to foresee the image in his own mind, and knowing if it would make a good artwork or not. I want to create a scene filled with tension and drama, just like a still photographs from the film.


Design the Movement - By starting to plan the work, I wanted to bring out the tension and conflict as priority, which led me to an explosive dueling scene that would draw audiences into the work. It troubled me a lot when deciding the duel should happen during daytime or nighttime. In the end I picked daytime which can have a strong contrast and variation of lights as my background. First I started a sketch, designing actions.

Because the first design of poses were not very good, I decided to redesign the composition and drafted the sketch of the surrounding building. At this moment I begin to think of where is the source of lighting.

Architectures - I redesign the poses, as well as polished buildings. Even though Transformers were based on science fiction and they came from outer space, the story happened on Earth. So I wanted to bring in architectures that have a traditional feeling, something like a museum, in order to emphasize the contrast between high tech machines and classical images.

Dramatic Element -
In the film, Megatron is pictured as the destroyer, and Optimus Prime as the protector. Therefore, if Optimus Prime is placed closer to the camera defense the attack, it would create the feeling of “being protected” for the audiences.

I was imagining: Megatron dashes out from the explosion, lunging at Optimus Prime with a crackdown. Optimus Prime is prepared for the attack; he raises his fist, slides forwards causing the ground with burning flakes, ready to give Megatron a death blow. The aim of this composition is to create a complete frame filled with drama and action.


To enhance the tension of the scene, I chose a radial composition that was similar to the basic perspective. The whole composition would look like an explosion itself, or an extending radiation

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