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Project Overview: Public Transportation by Renan Motta Lima, Brazil

Public transportation

Well I started this image with the drawing of the trucker sitting on a seat. Then decided what he was looking at in the bus of death and the rest of the image just came naturally. When the layout was loosely finished I started the coloring in Photoshop.

First I dropped the base color (leaving the layout in multiply mode in the first layer). In this first stage I chose a neutral dark color, since I know it will be a night time scene. Then I done the general lighting for the scene with the light and shadow in layer above the base color in overlay mode. I try to ignore other lighting sources that are a bit more directional and start focusing on the more diffuse ambient type of lightning. Although since I know what the primary source of light will be, the door of the bus, I take that in consideration in setting the interest area.

base color

After that I start doing the specific lighting. I started with bright light in the bus. The way light changes the tentacles and the suited guy in problem. I used a bright orange in an overlay layer above the last one. Then created a dark blue shadow, in the same way for contrast.

Now the image is shaping up and I can start the over-painting. I flatten the image and start painting in a new layer on the top. Fixed some minor bugs in the right side, add detailing in the tentacles, the man being hold by them and the bus. Change the bus destination just for fun.

minor bugs

Leave the left side a little bit unfinished, with the original layout traces still present. Punch up the contrast while painting. After everything is finished painting-wise, I start the post production.

I used a curves adjustment layer for illumination and color. Then finally, I used a paper texture in overlay mode over the final image and that’s it! It’s done. Hope you guys like this small overview!

final image

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