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Making of Cadenus and Vanessa by Rafael Teruel, Spain Web:

cadenus and vanessa

I secretly made this drawing to gift it to my girlfriend. So, for me, it has a special value. Her name is Vanessa and hence the title of the painting. ‘Cadenus and Vanessa’ is the title of a poem by Jonathan Swift gave rise to the name of Vanessa.

Its original resolution was 5000px x 3000px and it was made using my Wacom Intuos 3, Corel Painter XI for painting and Adobe Photoshop CS4 for post-production.

The brushes I used in Corel painter were divided in two groups: painting and blending.

Painting Brushes:

1.- Round Camel Hair texture, custom brush for paint details. With light pen pressure acts as a blender.

2.- Square Conte, for blocking colors and big color areas.

3.- Digital airbrush, for smooth color transitions

paint brushes

Blend Brushes:

1.- Grainy water, I adjust the jitter to 0.39 for a better no-linear blending

2.- Real Blender Round, for blending on the oil way.

blend brushes

I alternately used ‘basic paper’ and ‘coarse cotton canvas’ changing the contrast depending on the area I’m painting or blending.


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