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Do you want to Play with me
by Mélanie, France

Do you want to play with me

Hello Readers, this artwork created in Photoshop CS2 and with a Wacom Intuos 3. And now I will explain in detail about the making of this image. Hope many of you will enjoy.

Sketch and Color Scheme

The first thing here, is to choose the right colour scheme, it depends on a lot of things like mood, the story you want to tell... I want to do something really colourful and warm, so for the character I choose some very saturated orange mixed with yellow and pink, the background will be colder, a green will suit very well with the whole piece and the light will be a pale blue. At this stage it’s only a quick sketch, just to test the colours and the first composition.

: Lay down you colours on another layer, so you’ll keep them along the way.



Composition and First Details

Now that I have my colours, I could go on with the character and fix the whole anatomy, I don’t go too much into details; I only start the first design of her costume and try to find out how I want her to look like. I also add more light to the background and a kind of city on the right of the picture. For this step I usually use a basic round edge, I found them really great to lay down the first colours, don’t forget to set the spacing on 25% or your computer will never follow you ;)

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