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Making of Dama 360 by Javier López Sotoca

making of dama 360

This model was made for one online contest. The contest idea was to make an original superhero, so I was encouraged to participate as I had in mind to do a female model which I had never done seriously, well I saw that it was the perfect opportunity.

So I started making drawings with the idea that she was at first in the head, which was carry many knives over, (I realized later that in 3D the idea did not work due to her breasts)


Modeling - The first thing was to make a basic structure of female anatomy in 3ds max, trying to adjust the proportions but I did not worry much at this point because in ZBrush I can fit a lot better and faster, I am looking for a good topology first so if I put it carefully, avoiding the triangles, in fact the net is all quads. Once I make sure that the entire mesh is securely closed and without any fault or problems, passing STL reset XForm and check to ensure that no problems.


Now is the time to adjust either the proportions of the girl and check the basic anatomy until we reached a nice, ugly as far as models are posing in cross.  Later alter anatomy and especially when put in the pose, must check the anatomy is ok?.

Once anatomy is correctly modeled, add the long gloves and high boots, to give more details to the model. I marked where the dress will go with wrinkles and seams. Initially the idea was to make a mask, but later I discard it because that not looks convincing to me. The gloves and boots I created inside 3ds max from the anatomy that I already had. ZBrush used in shaping them throughout the process.


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