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Making of Deep One by Martin Punchev, Bulgaria Web:

deep one making


Hi, In this making of I'll explain the process behind the "Deep One". It is a creature design based on the description of what H.P. Lovecraft calls a "deep one" in his novel "Shadow over Innsmouth" and it is made for Bryan Wynia's cg course.

Before we start I want to mention few things about the course. It was a blast ! Bryan definitely have a unique lay of working and did put a lot of effort in his course. The three weeks of creature creation , following his instructions and videos were amazing experience…and the best thing is that I heard he will update it soon with ZB4 R2 stuff and more. I recommend it to everyone that have interest in designing creatures and wants to bring their game to a higher level.


Knowing the subject matter, the first thing to do is a quick reference hunting. Quick is important here because it is wise to start as quick as possible and not spend so much time in reference gathering than actual sculpting. People often procrastinate and spend awful amount of time for their reference, but the true thing is that almost always any image will do the work ,at least for the beginning. So I spend half an hour to collect few photos and started sculpting right away.

reference sheet

Because I was quick in the reference stage this saved me extra time for analyzing and observing the photos that I found. I did couple of sketches of different fishes and sketched some details from the rest of the photo reference that I found interesting.This helps me to get familiarized with the subject and to start thinking. For instance , details from the blue-eyed fish from the ref sheet made there way in one of the speed sculpts, particularly the protrusions below the its mouth. The curves of the crocodile's mouth in the upper left from the ref sheet was used in the second sculpt, the eye image served as a texture for the eyes in the later stages and so on.


Speed Sculpting

For the speed sculpts we were provided with a simple basemesh of a human bust. It has the right topology and loops for easy sculpting and at the same time was simple enough and not constraining in any way.I don't recommend starting with well defined and dense basemesh because it can lock you in the forms already established.


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