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Making of Don't Beat Me by Jinjian Hao, China

dont beat me

Hello everyone, I am Jinjian Hao, I am a student in China, ‘Don’t beat me’ is my latest personal work and glad that lots of friends like this. I would also like to thank the for their assistance, so that I can share the production process.


Before I made the character I collected some photos as a reference, I want to create a pitiful facial expression, and I think the character should be a little lovelier. Then I painted the conception that I want to make in photoshop.


Modeling and Sculpting

I started with the default body mesh from Mudbox, and quickly modified the body into baby proportions in ZBrush. In this step, body and proportion are very important, I used the Standard, Move, clay, mPolish and Smooth brush in ZBrush.



Later I made the other parts for the character in Maya, and I sculpted them in ZBrush.


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