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Making of Dream
by Alexey Kashpersky or RIDDICK Web:

making dream

Hello everyone interested in the work of "Dream"
The next few minutes I, Alex Kashpersky or RIDDICK, will be with you.

The composition and work with supporting material - References - Composition - very, very important step, which should never be left without proper attention, if you do not want the visitor to forget your work, and not just turning the page ...

I have even more to say, this process, I was parallel to the creation of work. Composition constantly refined, that it added something I cleaned ... Such a "grinding" the original idea. Here I Give examples of compositions in various stages of work.

The original idea was to make a girl on a chair, because engaged in the search for the optimal form of a chair. Of the final compose, I removed it, replacing the water, but, nevertheless, this stage was, therefore, and the mention of it.

The composition in the work is like black and white photograph, a professional photographer - has a bright white, half-gray and deep black. Roughly speaking 3 tiers. 3 tiers of all: colors, their saturation, objects in the scene complexity and meaning. At least, under the scheme, I tried to work.

In my own work is central to the figures of girls subjected to the second plan - the water and third, respectively, the background. The same should be with the color range. At the forefront of a bright contrasting shades and the farther they are from the viewer, it becomes more diffuse and less contrast. What would be better to understand what I want to tell you - imagine yourself standing on a huge colorful palette in the morning fog) Somewhere so))

Just want to underline such process as finding and working with supporting material. Do not neglect the study of the subject, which is going to create ... Look for similar look to all of a sudden, it have already been done by someone. If you saw somebody else's work element.

You can be useful when you create your work, do not hesitate to contact the author and find out what difficulties he faced in the creation of what in this matter can be pitfalls and Think how to make better ... When it comes to modeling and anatomy, then you have to find a dozen or two references of the part which you are working at, and even better make your own photographs in the right angles, preferably before starting the modeling, because it can happen is that you will feel sorry to "destroy" -- fix the mistakes ... An experienced eye is sure to notice them.

I would like to express my gratitude to the professional photographer Olga Shelegeda for the reference photos ... Plus to that, I look through all the internet far and wide in search of the necessary references, hands, feet, folds and fabrics, burst water anatomical angles, I photograph by myself, studied at the "living examples", drawing at the paper, etc. ... In the end, I have collect up to 500 various references. With this baggage, I was much clearer what to do))

Work in Z-Brush. Skulpting

Work in the ZBrush, I began from transpoziting ... About how to use this tool has already written more than need lessons, because of that I will not stop at this part.

That's it, look like the models after the initial transpoziting.

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