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Making of Goodlife Food Superhero's by Rohith Rao, UAE

making of english pub


First I’d like to introduce myself as this is the first "Making of" I ever did! I’m Rohith Rao, Indian lives in Dubai - U.A.E; I am working as a 3d Generalist at Real Image Productions. Heading the modeling & texturing department. I’ve always loved to work on Maya & ZBrush software’s  and experiment with different methods to reach a good quality renders, My aim is always to achieve an artistic and photorealistic results.

I would like to thank Aiham Ajib -CEO Real Image production, who gave me this opportunity to do Good life project. As this is an animated TV commercial my job is to do modeling of all the characters, Texturing & Lighting. Animation & rigging was done by my colleague Alaa & Osama.


Before I started to model, I went through lots of reference images. I had to make in-between of realistic & cartoonist style. I had only 10 days to do all the characters. As this is going to rig & animated, my aim was to give good topology. So I started with the Boy character, did 1 base face mesh.



Once I satisfied with the face I used same mesh for all the characters as they are having same features. I took base mesh to ZBrush change the shapes of the face using move tool.

I took a cube and started to Built the shape of the body.


Coming to the other body of the character they are similar in style, so I did one main body & hand, again I took the base mesh to ZBrush change the shapes of it using move tool.


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