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Making of Hurry up, We are Late by Mehdi Fazzat, Morocco

making of hurry up

Hi everyone! This is a making which I wished, to show you the different steps that I followed to finish my last lot: Hurry up, we are late!

At the beginning it was a practical exercise to improve my competence using ZBrush, because I am still a novice with this software.

So first of all, I began creating my base form with ZSphere, then I start looking for a general form for the head, when I found the wanted shape I started adding details depending on the needs. I have a tendency to work with layers in order to remove a few things, in case if I change my mind.

To sculpt I used the brush known as the standardized utility: move, clay, pinch, inflate ... Honestly I had preference for clay brush.




After roughly sculpt the entire head and torso, I changed the material in BasicMaterial so I could see the better shape and then additionally I started to detail the wrinkles, veins... but always disable the symmetry to have more variety or uniqueness.

When I finished the detailing I had the idea to add another little character on the head of the main character, the little character will guide or lead the main character.

I created its basic form with ZSphere and I try to place it without the symmetry because I knew that I have not done well with Transpose.

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