Making of Matrouk
by Yousef Ikhreis, Jordan Web:


Hi everybody, my name is Yousef Ikhreis from Jordan. 30 years old, self-taught artist, I am working as Art Director since 2003. Also I am doing a lot of freelance work. In this massive tutorial I will share my knowledge and experience trying to represent in depth tutorial about the character logic of Matrouk. Hoping to get your pleasure and satisfaction.


Matrouk is an Arabic word that means the abandoned, he was created to be one of the main characters for my short movie (Vacancies for Creatures/beginning of 2009) which is a trailer for my other short (FANCY PLANET/2010).Creating Matrouk process is based on my own work pipeline for my short movies, so I will try to concentrate my demonstration of this making of for creating Matrouk as 3D static image. And what is related to him.


My pipeline work is divided to three main parts..

• Preproduction.
• Production.
• Postproduction


Ideas and Questions:

We can’t create something without knowing what the THING…without something is its nothing and we can’t create NO THING, so what can we do? In this case we act naturally by asking QUESTIONS.

QUESTIONS is superior tool for our minds, it’s pushing our minds to inspire, search, find out the answers and bring the knowledge and information’s, it’s the most creative tool in the human brain, the more you ask, the more you think and the more your intelligence, this is why the intelligence levels in the human brain is the highest for the Children’s… and they don’t stop asking…

Concepts and Story:

Concept starts from the Story, the idea is the story core, and this is why the idea is the value that every story based on. Once the story is selected and approved for productions, it will be translated to Screenplay and Storyboard.

The Storyboard:

Storyboard plays important role in the Preproduction structure, because it supports and represents the story image for the visual eye, also it separates the story to the sound part (dialogue, music, sound effects…) from the visual part ( characters, environments, backgrounds …).And makes the productions easy to deal with.

Matrouk is our character that we need to create his conceptual image, it belong to the visual part which is the character designer responsibility.

Character Design:

Gathering information and data - Before the character designer start designing he had a lot of questions that need to be answered to start storming the design ideas in his brain, this why he receive a document called Character Profile which contains a brief discretion for the main character. Off course he will do his researches. And he could ask more questions, where most of the answers will be found in the story.

Character Profile (Matrouk) - As we can see that the Profile of Matrouk has provide us with good knowledge in Tow extensions, The Physical extension and The Psychological extension. So the character designer has got an important answer for his questions. By connecting this data he can start extracting and concluding new information and answers, so the character image will be clear to him.

The Physical Extension - 248 cm means that he is a giant man, strong and sharp muscle because he likes climbing. He should have a big strong fest, forearms, calves, and shaped abs. He is hairless with shaped body this will make us consider that he have a glittering and thin skin, and when we said:” thin skin” we should remember his veins. His body has different scratches, means that he has been through lots of dangerous circumstances in his life, and he is a very good fighter. He hates the darkness, means that he has no activities at night, so he won’t go to utilize the darkness for hunting and killing like evil creatures and monsters… etc.

The Physchological extension: His name is Matrouk which means in Arabic the abandoned, Tragedy, means that if he would talk about something it could be a tragedy case, accident and lots of old sad stories. Assured that he is passionate, when we said passionate means that he could probably cry at any case. This is the way he is faithful, So he spend his time in good purposes like feeding birds, climbing heights, means that he try to discover his life by realizing where he is living every day, it’s like watching his life from outside himself to get better view, maybe he could find why he is abandoned when he was a baby, he hates loneliness means that he is a social character and friendly… etc.

Notice how easy was to find a lot of the connections and new logical results from few words. This is how the character designer should think to produce the best illustration for the character.


After gathering required information we are going to study and discuss how we can characterize, translating all the adjectives and attributes which we concluded from the physical level and the psychological level as visual image. How we can make the audience feels that Matrouk is a strong character. How we can show him huge, sad and faithful. How we can reflect his feeling and emotions through his face or body.

Characterization is the nature of this character. What is the Structure of the Characterization?

In my opinion, this Structure is based on one or more of these three levels:

1- Model Level: It shows how much this character can tell through his body expressions, how much we can understand and observe its nature. (This level includes the material). I can use classical drawing or any 2D or 3D still images as example.

2- Animation Level: It symbolizes the character acts, feelings, moods, reaction, the way he is thinking, and his confidence… I can use the old Hollywood movies and the old cartoon animations, which was without sound narration or dialogue as an example. Also it could be stop motion, 2D or 3D animation.

3- Sound Level: It’s the character sound, the way he speaks, laughs, curse, cry, scream… All of these sound expressions will give us the assumption about the character nature; it could be also music or sound effects that accompany this character presence.

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