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Making of the Prolapsed Eye
by Fausto Tejeda, USA Web:

Making of Prolapsed Eye

The image “Prolapsed Eye” was initially a sketch by a friend of mine: Yuri Sakovich


Modeling was very simple. I based my model off the original sketch and created what is known as an organized mesh. Meaning, that the topology of the model is in accordance to the muscle structure. Once that was done, I made sure to set the scale to my liking and imported into ZBrush to check it.


UV's - I took the base mesh and imported it into Unfold 3D, a UV Layout software. It gives me full control of my UV’s and has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface, apart from being incredibly fast.

I then import the model into ZBrush and make sure that the UV’s are ok and that there are no overlapping UV’s (The image is completely grey and has no red areas).

zbrush model

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