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Making of Reichskrone by Henning Kleist, Germany Web:

Sculpting / Doing the Surfaces

I wanted the final crown to have a huge amount of details and thus I made all the filigree surface details like ornaments at every spot at the plate and a proper worn out look.

For the ornaments I created an alpha map and started drawing the thin lines with lazymouse (Z Intensity at 70; Zadd on; “Use Tablet” off).

9 scratches

Later, I brushed the surrounding bumps with a standard brush and smooth brush. The scratches were done with slash1 and slash2 brush.

Doing the Pictures

For the picture plates as well as the Jesus inscription at the back of the cross I used a mixed workflow of applying textures/masks and sculpting:

texture 12

I unwrapped the picture plate and then applied a photo texture via ZAppLink on the plate. Then turned the color to texture.

Then I masked out the outer contours of the figures and texts in order to sculpt around it in ZBrush.

It looked like that after first sculpting. Then I masked out everything what would later become the golden background (black).

mask 13

I used this as mask in ZBrush to push in the colored areas. These are the different color layers in photoshop. White will be the golden background.

15 16
This is how the final diffuse map looks like.

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