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12 Beautiful Girls painted by Digital Artists

Here are the collection of 12 beautiful girls painted by digital artists using 2D software like Photoshop, Painter. Every makings/tutorials is unique and will teach you some special tips and tricks. Beware - Some tutorials contains the nudity.

1. Making of Hecate - Hecate is the Greek goddess of the crossroads. She is usually seen with two ghost hounds that were said to serve her. Read More

beautiful girl hecate

2. Making of Cadenus and Vanessa - Cadenus and Vanessa is the title of a poem by Jonathan Swift gave rise to the name of Vanessa. Read More


3. Do you want to play with me - Choosing a right colour scheme for any artwork depends on a lot of things like mood, story and here you will get it Read More

play with me

4. Making of Yuka - Some said this is fake, some said this is real photograph and some said not a big deal, see yourself how much time it takes to create a painting like this Read More


5. Making of Birth - Artist choose to depict the goddess of beauty, Venus and paint a beautiful real woman Read More

birth venus

6. Making of Grenat - Grenat color is red, from blood and not from love, as translated in popular culture – and the animal is the red eagle Read More


7. Making of Judith - Judith, a young widow and most unlikely savior. Strong character in the ancient history Read More


8. Making of the Pandora - Girl opening the box that is Pandora, but not yet seeing what truly is hidden inside. Tthe moment is mystic, full of magic and mystery Read More


9. Rihanna Digital Painting - Artist talk about how he painted this image of Rihanna, this is not a step by step guide but overview of the process Read More


10. Making of Halloween Witch - Amber Chen from Georgia explained the process involved in creation of this illustration Read More


11. Making of Lida - Artist want to interpret a new feeling of an old Chinese poem, and try to make it more fantasy, sci-fi and surreal Read More


12. Making of Spider Harp - This picture represent a fantasy musician able to play harp on a spider web. Read More

spider harp

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