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15 Sweet, Sexy, Charming Girls in 3D

Here are the collection of 15 beautiful sweet and sexy girls/ladies which are created by digital artists in 3D. These images are selected on the basis of quality of the image and explanation given inside the tutorial/making which will help you in creating good quality images in 3D. Beware - Some tutorials contains the nudity.

1. Making of Hakara - Arist decide to create a sexy girl with little clothing and weapons using 3ds max and ZBrush. Read More


2. Making of Classical Girl - Artist from china make the best efforts to show the oriental beauty in the image Classical Girl. Read More

classical girl

3. Making of Chinese Girl - Artist created chinese girl and paid most attention to eyes and mouth because these are the key areas of facial expression. Read More

chinese girl

4. Making of Young Girl - This young and sad girl is created by the korean artist using 3ds max and ZBrush, here explained the process. Read More

young girl

5. Making of Angelina Jolie - Artist created a beautiful actress Angelina Jolie in 3D using software 3ds max Read More


6. Making of Beauty on the Bed - Artist wanted to create a girl with an imposing beauty Read More

beauty on bed

7. Making of Standing Beauty -  Tried to reproduce the style of classical black-and-white photographs Read More

standing beauty

8. Making of the Korean Actress "Song Hye Kyo" - This image of Song Hye Kyo the Korean actress is created by artist Max Edwin Wahyudi Read More

song hye kyo

9. Making of Meet You - Artist sharing the production process of the very appreciated image created in Maya and ZBrush Read More

meet you

10. Making of Ingrid Bergman - Ingrid Bergman was a film actress and artist used screen captures from movies to model beautiful actress in 3d using software maya Read More

ingrid bergman

11. Making of Ella - Covered some interesting steps of the modeling of Ella by Ziv Qual Read More


12. Making of the Warrior - Here idea is fight between a warrior woman and a dragon . Read More


13. Making of Spider Harp - Artist taken the advices of the photographers to setup the composition in the image Manolia. Read More


14. Making of Klara Medkova - Artist from portugal decide to create a realistic human model for the demoreel and the outcome is Czech supermodel. Read More


15. Making of Swimsuit Babe - Making an attractive woman is always a goal for most CG enthusiasts and here are the secrets. Read More


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