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Prime Focus creates titles for the Movie "Kurbaan"


Prime Focus, a global visual entertainment services group, partners with Dharma Productions yet again for Rensil D’Silva’s latest Bollywood thriller ‘Kurbaan’. Prime Focus has not only worked on the opening titles of the film but also supplied a range of state of art equipment, including  Arri Cam LT, Arri 435 Extreme, Arri 235, Master Prime and Ultra Prime lenses and a whole range of accessories.

Prime Focus’ creative team of eight professionals was led under the creative guidance of Huzefa Lokhandwala and Prakash Kurup, Chief Creative Directors at Prime Focus.
‘Kurbaan’ is a love story set against the backdrop of a burning issue - Global Terrorism. The film stars Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor in lead roles.

Commenting on Prime Focus’ association with ‘Kurbaan’, Huzefa Lokhandwala says, “We've worked with Rensil before on various advertising projects and since we understand each other’s sensibilities it wasn’t too difficult to get cracking on ideas.”

“We broke down the shots and created a storyboard,” said Prakash Kurup. “We had a couple of meetings with the DOP and the Art Director and then we were on. All the shots are very indicative of the story, which revolves around terrorism. The chosen shots from our list coupled with CG shots created by Prime Focus’ CG artists went through the post production pipeline where we used a lot of treatment to get the final look,” he added.




We also supplied a range of cameras, lenses and accessories,” said Niraj Sanghai, Business Head, Equipment Rental Services, Prime Focus. 

With a huge range of rental equipment available, from film and HD cameras, to lenses to lighting kit, Prime Focus not only offers a complete range of cameras but also technical support services to its customers.
“We are the first in India to provide 3Perf Super35 shooting cameras that not only add cinematic appeal to films but also help save the production costs by consuming 25% less stock,” said Niraj Sanghai, Prime Focus.  “We offer a range of cameras including RED ONE, brand new Arri Cam LT, Arri 535, 435, 235 cameras with Ultra Prime Lenses making Prime Focus the largest provider of camera solutions in India.” he added.

Apart from the above Prime Focus also offers Master Prime Lenses, Angenieux Optimo Zoom lenses 24-290, Angenieux HR lens 25-250 and various other wide lenses. The facility also has an in-house state of art maintenance department which offers constant support to clients and their needs, making Prime Focus the only supplier in the India to provide technical support with camera rental.
In addition to the film cameras, Prime Focus provides High Definition digital shooting with the latest Sony HDCAM SR technology with Canon block lenses, and for more budget sensitive projects there is the Panasonic Varicam. Apart from the film and advertising industry, Prime Focus also provides video cameras in Digital Betacam and HDV formats to shoot TV serials and multi camera shooting with online switching for events and shows.

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