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psd Manager 3
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psd Manager 3

Price: $189.00 $175.00
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psd-manager™ 3
is the first and most advanced PSD file exporter for 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design available on the market. Now, for the first time you can readjust nearly everything in the rendering with Adobe® Photoshop® or any another application that supports PSD files. psd-manager is the tool to help you save time and money by integrating the tools you best know and like.

Download psd-manager 3.1 Trial - [5.5 MB]

The trial version of psd-manager has the following limitations:

1. Maximum PSD image size of 1000 x 1000 pixels
2. Watermark added to each layer/channel
3. Produces larger PSD files than the full version (due to watermarks)
4. Slower export (due to watermarks)

What does psd-manager do ?

Saving the rendered image as a layer in a PSD file is an easy task; psd-manger can do this and much more. It lets you add all render elements of your scene as layers to a PSD file.  No more trouble to compose dozens of render elements, because presets and automatic layer sorting make it a breeze to setup the correct layer order. You may also manually control the blending modes along with the order of the layers. But psd-manager doesn't stop there. What you really need during post production and for last minute changes are accurate antialiased selections/masks. That's why psd-manager allows you to add selections or layers for each object/material of your choice to the final PSD. Gone are the days when you had to draw selections by hand or to render timeconsuming additional passes to get them. To give you even more possibilities to spice up your images you can even add G-Buffer Channels to the PSD file. psd-manager 3 relies on 3ds Max core capabilities, like the G-Buffer and render elements, which make it fast, extendable and in addition, open to all renderers.

Why psd-manager ?

Every professional 3D artist will agree, rendering complex scenes is a stressful job, especially when your customer or boss is sitting right behind you and it is not really clear how the final project should look like. Even "little" changes in the 3D scene can easily turn out to be one of those jobs that cost you another sleepless night!

Whether you use it for last minute changes, post production or just to quickly implement some variations of your renderings - the best tools are those that are fast, easy and fun to use; psd-manager 3 is one of them.

What can I do with such a feature rich PSD ?

psd-manager 3 gives you the combined power of render elements, anti-aliased object and material selections in every application that supports PSD files. The possibility to alter every aspect of your image for one or multiple objects and materials in post, will change the way you work.  You can for example make color corrections, add depth of field and fog, smooth shadows, paint more detail without affecting shadows and highlights, add blur and weight reflections, adjust highlights and add glow effects.  All tweaking can be made on a specific object or material.



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